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Forms and Schedules

Forms can be filled out online and printed.

Year Category
General Records Retention Schedule General-Records-Retention-Schedule.pdf Jun 5, 2024 2024-06-05 ArchivesForms & Schedules
Records Transfer Request Form Records-Transfer-Request-Form.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
RC-3 Certificate of Records Disposal RC-3-Certificate-of-Records-Disposal.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
RC-2 Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition RC-2-Schedule-of-Records-Retention-and-Disposition.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
RC-1 Application for One-Time Disposal RC-1-Application-for-One-Time-Disposal.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
Information Request Form Information-Request-Form.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
Bank Box Label Blank-Box-Label.pdf Jan 31, 2024 2024-01-31 ArchivesForms & Schedules
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer records to the Archives?
  1. Box your records according to the Records Storage Box Packing Instructions:
  2. Fill out a Records Transfer Request Form with your name, department name, and number of boxes. List the contents of the boxes by briefly describing the records and span dates.
  3. Send form to the Records Center for approval via mail or email.
  4. If the request has been approved for transfer, one copy of your request will be sent back to you with Archives Transfer Label Stickers . Contact Maintenance when your boxes are ready to deliver to the Archives.
The Archives and Records Center is not responsible for the inability to locate or retrieve files due to inadequate labeling or packing of boxes.
How long do you keep the records?
First consult your department’s approved Retention Schedule. If your department does not have one, consult the General Records Retention Schedule. Copies of both are at the Archives. Please do not destroy records without approval.
What kind of boxes should I use and where do I get them?
Records need to be stored in Standard Records Storage Boxes (12H x 12W x 15D). Before purchasing boxes, contact the Department of Archives and Records to see if any are available.
Who “owns” the records after I transfer them?
Each department owns its own records. The Archives and Records Center is responsible for housing and managing the records.
Who has access to the records?
Records are accessible to
  • Any individual, or
  • Any department employee, or
  • Designated employees only
The elected official / department head fills out a permission form designating that one or more of the above can access their records. If it is stated on the form that their records cannot be viewed at the Archives, the patron will be sent to the department of origin. The department can request the record be sent back to them to be handled according to their procedures. Each department has the right to restrict viewing access.
Can I get my records back?
Yes, records can be requested at any time. Contact the Archives by phone (extension 1770) to request records.
What are your hours?
The Archives is open to the public 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Records Storage Box Packing Instructions

Packing Boxes for Transfer

  1. Only Standard Records Storage Boxes will be accepted (12H x 12W x 15D). Check with The Archives to see if free records storage boxes or book boxes are available.
  2. Pack boxes with records only.
  3. Place folders in the upright position within the box. Do not place folders on top of folders within the box.
  4. Boxes must be labeled with the Department Name, Records Series Title, and Span Date.
  5. Do not write on the lid.
  6. Label the short side of the box.
  7. Use a black felt tip marker to label the box.
  8. Please do not overfill boxes. Rule of thumb: If you can’t easily lift and move the box repeatedly, then we can’t either.