Automatic Data Processing

Chief Administrator & Secretary: Auditor Charles E. Walder

Chief Technology Officer: Allen Keener | Chief Deputy Administrator: Frank Antenucci

automatic data processing

Mission Statement

Provide the highest level of technology in the most effective and efficient manner in the most realistic timeframe for the most reasonable cost. Advising agencies of new technologies, deploying equipment in a timely fashion, coordinating procurement, system implementation, and maintenance. Finally, playing a key role in your business process, attempting to improve competitiveness, efficiency, and communications.

Ohio Revised Code

Establishing Automatic Data Processing Board

The board of county commissioners of any county may, by resolution, establish a county automatic data processing board. The board shall consist of the county treasurer or the county treasurer’s representative, the county recorder or the county recorder’s representative, the clerk of the court of common pleas or the clerk’s representative, a member or representative of the board of county commissioners chosen by the board, two members or representatives of the board of elections chosen by the board of elections one of whom shall be a member of the political party receiving the greatest number of votes at the most recent general election for the office of governor and one of whom shall be a member of the political party receiving the second greatest number of votes at such an election, if the board of elections desires to participate, and the county auditor or the county auditor’s representative who shall serve as secretary. The members of the county automatic data processing board may by majority vote add to the board any additional members whose officers use the facilities of the board.

After the initial meeting of the county automatic data processing board, no county office shall purchase, lease, operate, or contract for the use of any automatic or electronic data processing or record-keeping equipment, software, or services without prior approval of the board.

As used in sections 307.84 to 307.846 of the Revised Code, “county office” means any officer, department, board, commission, agency, court, or other office of the county, other than a board of county hospital trustees.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.28, HB 153, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2011.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995.

Contracts for ADP Services

The county automatic data processing board may enter into a contract with the legislative authorities of any municipal corporation, township, port authority, water or sewer district, school district, library district, county law library association, health district, park district, soil and water conservation district, conservancy district, other taxing district, regional council established pursuant to Chapter 167. of the Revised Code, or otherwise, or with the board of county commissioners or the automatic data processing board of any other county, or with any other federal or state governmental agency, and such authorities may enter into contracts with the county automatic data processing board, to provide automatic data processing services to any of them. The board shall establish a schedule of charges upon which the cost of providing such services shall be based. All moneys collected by the board for services rendered pursuant to contracts entered into under this section shall be deposited in the county general fund; however, such moneys may be segregated into a special fund in the county treasury until the end of the calendar year. County offices may also be charged for such services and the appropriation so charged and the appropriation of the board so credited.

HISTORY: 132 v S 269 (Eff 9-20-67); 134 v H 405. Eff 12-30-71.

Geauga Connected Initiative

“Geauga Connected is a service that makes affordable, manageable, and feature-packed websites available to eligible political subdivisions, like Bainbridge Township, and other public entities in Geauga County,” said Auditor Walder. “With Geauga Connected, ADP helps link local governments with their residents, keeping them connected and informed.”

Geauga Connected is administered by ADP, and political subdivisions may enter into an agreement with ADP to obtain services under ADP’s standard price list. From there, Company 119, a local Geauga County website developer, guides the process of building a new website for the subdivision. Through Geauga Connected, important website elements—such as advanced search, calendar of events, business/organization directory, employee portal, and surveys—are all possible. Geauga County political subdivisions may request this service by filling out the form on or by calling ADP at (440) 279-1345.